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Why personal coaching?

Personal coaching is a dialogue aimed at investigating a specific issue in a person's life. Very often the issues discussed will be dilemmas with no "right" answer, because life is full of paradoxes. Examples include thinking about changing jobs or taking early retirement, a conflict with a family member or a colleague, finding better ways to do things at work, a decision about education, or simply feeling "stuck" in your life.

My approach to coaching is informed by philosophy as much as by psychology. I start from the position that everyone is free to make their own choices. That doesn't mean that we can all choose to become a doctor or an astronaut — although we often fail to imagine all of our physical possibilities too — but we can always choose the attitude we adopt towards the world and other people. We often exclude novel possibilities because we haven't taken the time to think about what really matters.

As your coach, my job is to be your ally in the exploration of your view of your life, your possibilities, and your choices. I won't give you direct advice about what to do, because you're the expert in your own life.
Nick Brown
Nick Brown
Nick Brown
Nick Brown

Practical matters

For people who live in the Strasbourg area, consultations take place at my home (Strasbourg Musau). If you prefer, we can meet for a (free) initial discussion in a public place of your choice. I also offer coaching by video link (Skype), and I visit London regularly; give me a call to talk about possibilities.

You can contact me by e-mail (nick.brown@free.fr) or by phone (+33 6 61147020).

Frequently asked questions
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